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Hundreds of illustrated concepts to make your landing page, app, or presentation more attractive

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  1. 1. Choose the concept that best suits your project.
  2. 2. Select one of the available illustration styles: Rafiki, Bro, Amico or Pana.
  3. 3. Edit the color, hide the layers that you don’t need and, depending on the chosen style, pick a simple background, a detailed one or remove it altogether.
  4. 4. When you’re done, download it as an SVG or PNG image.
  5. 5. Would you like to animate the illustration? Press “Animate it” and have some fun!
  6. 6. Export the animation as an HTML, GIF or MP4 video formats.

Editable color

All our illustrations come in different styles, and you can change the main color. Just choose the one you like the most for your project.

Different backgrounds

Some styles allow you to select a simple background, a more detailed one, or remove it altogether. Give it a try!

Animated illustrations

Do you want the illustrations to come to life on your website? You can animate them directly with our online editor!

Why use Storyset?

hand illustration

When it comes to communicating ideas or messages quickly, illustrations are your best tool

cards illustration

They help you reinforce a concept and highlight exactly what you want to convey

light illustration

With illustrations, drawing attention and standing out from competition is a piece of cake