How can I change the color of the illustrations?

It’s very easy. When you select an illustration, you’ll see at the top-right corner a button called “Change color”. Click on it and then choose a preset color, use the color picker or just enter your own RGB or Hex values.

Can I select different backgrounds in all illustration styles? If so, how?

Before selecting any illustration on the home page, depending on the style, you’ll see different options to choose from on the left side of the screen:

  • Hidden: The background is removed (all four styles).
  • Simple: A simple background is displayed (only Rafiki, Bro and Pana).
  • Detailed: A more detailed background is displayed (only Rafiki and Pana).

You can also find these options on the right side of the screen after selecting any illustration.

Can I choose which elements of the illustrations I want to keep?

Absolutely! Every time you select an illustration, you’ll find a list of layers on the right side of the screen. These layers correspond with the different elements of the illustration, which means you can pick the ones you want to keep and discard those you don’t need. To hide any element, just click on the eye next to its name on the list. Similarly, to unhide it, just click on the eye again.

How can I animate the illustrations?

After selecting an illustration, a button called “Animate it” will appear at the top-right corner of the screen. If you click on it, you’ll access the animation panel, where you can select any of the elements of the illustration and apply different animations to them. Here’s a comprehensive list:


  • Fade In: The element appears gradually on the screen.
  • Slide Up: The element appears on the screen while sliding upward.
  • Slide Down: The element appears on the screen while sliding downward.
  • Slide Left: The element appears on the screen while sliding from the left side.
  • Slide Right: The element appears on the screen while sliding from the right side.
  • Zoom In: The element appears on the screen while growing in size.
  • Zoom Out: The element appears on the screen while shrinking.
  • Light Left: The element enters from the left side, brakes and stays in place.
  • Light Right: The element enters from the right side, brakes and stays in place.


  • Shake: The element looks as if it were shaking.
  • Spin: The element spins in place clockwise.
  • Floating: The element looks as if it were floating up and down.
  • Heartbeat: The element grows and shrinks, mimicking a heartbeat.
  • Wind: The element moves slightly to the sides as if it were being blown by the wind.

You can also adjust some settings to further customize these animations:

  • Easing (only for ENTRANCE animations): Here you can select which kind of easing you want for the animation.
    • Toon: The element overshoots a bit and then goes back to normal.
    • Linear: The animation looks uniform for the entire duration.
    • Ease-in: The animation begins slowly and then picks up speed.
    • Ease-out: The animation slows down at the end.
  • Duration: Here you can set the duration in seconds by using the slider or entering your own value.
  • Delay: Here you can set how many seconds must pass before the animation begins.
  • Animate children (only for ENTRANCE animations): Check this box if you want the different parts of the selected element to be animated individually, which means they will appear on the screen at different times.

If you’re not sure which ones you should pick, you can always click on “Randomize!” to generate a random set of animations for the different elements of the illustration. Finally, to remove all the animations, just click on “Reset”.

When downloading illustrations, which file formats are available?

All our illustrations can be downloaded as SVG or PNG files. The former are fully editable, supported by most browsers and can be converted to shapes due to their vector nature, whereas the latter have a good compression rate, more color depth and support transparency.

On the other hand, animations can be downloaded as an HTML file to use on your site with inline SVG and CSS. They can also be exported as a GIF or an MP4 video, allowing you to select the size and the background color to adapt it to your project.

Please note that it’s not possible to export an animation as a GIF or an MP4 video containing both entrance and looping effects at the same time. If you need both types, you must export it twice: one with entrance effects and another with looping effects.

Do I have to add attribution to Storyset whenever I use the illustrations?

Yes, you must always include the attribution to Storyset every time you use our free illustrations or get a premium license from Flaticon to enjoy unlimited resources without attribution.

Can I modify the illustrations after downloading them?

Yes. Whenever you download our illustrations in SVG format, you will be able to edit them with any vector graphics editor program.

I can’t find an answer for my question here. What else can I do?

If you have any question and you can’t find an answer in these FAQs, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you.